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FormBase Order Management made for Packa ging Die Makers using Impact CAD  

Hello and welcome to my web site. I have spend most of my life with Packaging and Information Technology. 11 years as IT Manager for the largest Folding Carton Company in Denmark. 20 years working for Arden Software Ltd. both in UK and as their Scandinavian Agent selling and supporting Impact CAD.
After Arden Software Ltd. established their own Scandinavian Office, IPD Software continued to support Scandinavian Die Makers on consulting basis together with my agency and relationship with Lasercomb GmbH. This year - 2021 - IPD Software has been in busines for 30 years.

2008 IPD Software started the development of FormBase.  A unique software package for Order  and Production Management to be integrated with Impact CAD to offer Die Makers an all in one solution.  2021 FormBase has been redesigned and moved to Microsoft ASP.Net as a 100% Web Application. FormBase is used by leading Die Makers in Sweden and Finland.

 Impact CAD/CAM knowhow + Die Making workflow knowhow = FormBase

More Information

This Software is only relevant to Die Makers using Impact CAD. Required environment is SQL Server, IIS Web Server, MS Edge or Chrome Web Browsers.
If you are interested to licence, resell or purchase FormBase, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail.